Sincerely? Just Write It Sincerely (Interview)

I was asked by David Howell who writes “Brews and Views…just conversation over coffee” to be interviewed for a guest blog post. This was posted yesterday and David is just a sweetheart! I first saw his blog during our Blogging 101 (or 201?) and LOVED the name of his blog! Who doesn’t want to sit and chat over coffee? He has some great posts, so please follow Brews and Views!

Brews and Views

For this week’s interview, I’m publishing my notes from my conversation with Terri Webster-Schrandt from Perspectives on…Work, Life and Leisure.

I was anxious to talk to Terri for a few reasons.  Different from other interviews I’ve posted, it wasn’t necessarily the number of followers that drew me to Terri’s blog, but rather her way of writing.  Her posts come across in a very sincere and transparent way that make me feel as though she’s writing with her own voice, being true to herself versus writing with the intention of simply attracting followers, etc.  Personally, I value this in a writer as I find their work much more interesting.

Her journey includes making the decision to change the name of her blog as part of this effort to reflect the nature of her content. I love this willingness to evolve and grow in order to perfect; I hope to…

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