Perspectives On…Mountain Desktop

Mountain Desktop
Mountain Desktop

I have the honor of being a part-time lecturer for a large northern California university. I teach part-time, usually one night class per semester, in addition to my day job (15 days to go, incidentally). The Fall semester found me teaching two classes this time, so I have been ridiculously busy, preparing lectures, physically teaching Monday and Tuesday nights, and of course, grading papers.

I have a total of 58 students. The minimum word count for the final papers were 2000 words each.  To put it into perspective (ha!), I read and graded over 116,000 words! Luckily for me (and unlucky for my students), I used to be a freelance proofreader and copy editor. I can read and find errors VERY quickly! You should see their faces when I share this fact on the first day of class.

Somehow I managed to do all this and blog fairly regularly this entire Fall semester, taking on the three challenges of Blogging 101, 201, and Photography 101. Blogging became my serious leisure. In addition to this I also managed to find my leisure moments where I could.

During one of my paper grading marathons, we had planned a weekend trip to a friend’s house in Lake Tahoe. This is the photo of my mountain desktop. If you look closely, you can see my red pen primed and ready to go!

When you find yourself busy and overwhelmed, whether trying to get that last blog post together, or some other pressing requirement, a little change of scenery can do wonders for your task.

8 thoughts on “Perspectives On…Mountain Desktop

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  2. Lovely workspace, Terri!

    I’m so impressed that you completed three blogging courses. (I’m still trying to make up the assignments I missed in Blogging 101.) Now that you’ve completed all three, which do you think was most helpful?


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    1. Blogging 101 was wonderful–learned a lot. Photo 101 was also good, but I already had some photo experience. Learning to use picmonkey to edit photos and using the copyright symbol were two aha ideas for me! And I wish that was a permanent workspace 🙂


  3. What a gorgeous location for setting up your work, Terri! I haven’t tried switching locations for blogging (unless you count the two times I tried to write a post on my phone — that didn’t go too well). I can see that a change of scenery might have benefits.

    I am impressed that you have managed to keep up with so much this fall. Will you continue to teach after you retire from your job?


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