Photography 101: Landscapes

Landscapes are easy or challenging depending upon the subject. The Sacramento River Delta is a beautiful spot for many recreational activities including windsurfing. Every once in a while we experience a rare sunset or two.

I chose three of my better landscape shots.

This is an amazing sunset after a mid-August rain shower. The lenticular clouds are a rare phenomenon.

Mid-August cloud fest

Mid-August cloud fest

This photo was a few minutes earlier and the light was amazing. I pointed my camera phone just a little south of where I took the first picture.

Serene Sunset

Serene Sunset

I had to add this last shot of a windsurfer friend of whom I inadvertently caught in mid-air. Still light enough for an amazing sunset sailing session.

Windsurfer gets a jump at sunset

Windsurfer gets a jump at sunset

This photo was edited a little with picmonkey. I cropped, sharpened and strengthened the colors a little.

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