Perspectives On…The Box: Retirement, Part 2

Personal things from the office
Personal things from the office

Many of you may not know that I am retiring from my leisure service organization after 30 years. My retirement date is December 26 and my last physical day of work is December 22. Today, with the boss gone and being relatively quiet around the office, I filled up a box with the first load of personal stuff from my office to take home.

Some of the items in this box represent fond memories of work, life and leisure:

CD Player–forgot it was there. When is the last time you used a CD player? Been a while for me. I use Pandora (or Spotify) at home, and at work I play some downloaded music on my PC.

Infusing Pitcher bought right after January 1st with the intent to drink water infused with lemons and oranges. I used it twice.

Silk flower arrangement from my wedding from August 2013. I made 6 small table-top floral arrangements and brought one to decorate my office. It always makes me smile thinking back to my summer Thursday lunchtime wedding. My hubbie’s picture (or 2 or 3) is still there at the office.

Pair of walking shoes with socks. I did wear these several times for some quick 15 minute exercise breaks.

Various photos of my daughters’ graduation/senior pictures. Pictures of them as little girls, too. Still on my desk is something my oldest daughter made me when she was 8.

Two zippered planner portfolios. My workplace provides me with an I-phone that displays my outlook calendar/e-mail. I always think I’m going to use a paper planner but end up not doing so.

Metal insulated coffee mug. We got these for working at a warming center last December when we opened up a pool building for the homeless and their pets for 8 days as part of Office of Emergency Services. My staff and I took turns working from 10pm to 6pm helping intake homeless men and women when we experienced freezing temperatures.

Framed Bachelor’s Degree. Well, one has to have these posted on their office wall. My MS is framed and stayed home.

Framed art. A gift from a former staff member from a Senior Consignment shop in Old Sacramento.

Four books on professional development (many more still on the shelves). Lean In; 212 Degrees Leadership, Showing Our True Colors, and Lifescripts. Influential books for me in the last year.

I have many more items that will need to be brought home over the next 21 (work) days. I guess this first box that came home today is symbolic of 30+ years of a wonderful, fulfilling career. I just needed to celebrate its contents and what they represented.

My impending retirement is rather more emotional for me than I thought it would be. This is the second post in a continuing series.

13 thoughts on “Perspectives On…The Box: Retirement, Part 2

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  3. I loved this take on your retirement. Such a very scary time to leave behind comfort and the way in which you’ve defined yourself for so long. But it’s an exciting time because a whole new world and who you will become awaits! So excited to watch your transformation!


  4. It was bitter-sweet for me as I packed my boxes in anticipation of retirement. I was excited about my new stage, but sad to leave a really good job and wonderful friends. Now, when I get together with my former co-workers and hear the office stories, I’m so glad not to be wrapped up in that anymore.

    After six months of retirement, I think I have a couple of boxes still to unpack.

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  5. The contents of that first box say so much about you, Terri: who you love, what you’ve tried (some worked, some didn’t), what matters to you and what doesn’t. I’m sure the next month will be a difficult one, filled with looking-back moments. Loved this post.


  6. Wow, Terri. I can’t even imagine what it must be like leaving a job after thirty years. Good on ya, Girl! I’ve never stayed one place that long. My life trails behind me like an old stripper’s purple boa, losing feathers at every step, as I once wrote.

    I loved this line: Infusing Pitcher bought right after January 1st with the intent to drink water infused with lemons and oranges. I used it twice.

    Ah, the things we intend and the things that just don’t get done.

    What a lovely testament to your life at work. Thanks so much for sharing this.


  7. Memories … pressed between the pages of our lives … or in box right now! Lovely to go back and remember. You are also doing it the best way by moving on in instalments without one severe break the way I did. Good when life flows one period into the next. Best in the transition and after.


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