Perspectives On: Boots and Sweaters


Finally!! It is cold enough in Northern California for me to wear my boots and sweaters. Oh, how I have missed you! Boot and sweater season here is mainly November through maybe Mid-March. It is a short season. Unlike “shorts” season which tends to be April-October, along with flips-flops or sandals.

For the past five years, the hot flashes have kept me pretty warm. Thankfully, those are down to 1-2 a day (sorry if TMI!). And the community center I work in is old, cold and kind of drafty. But as much as I love the the warm spring and hot summers, I am SO ready for winter. I know that many people are dealing with COLD in most of the US and Canada, and I know that the cold gets old really fast. It doesn’t snow where I live, too close to sea-level, but it’s the best I can get.

So those who live in the northern hemisphere, get those boots and sweaters out and enjoy this time of year!

9 thoughts on “Perspectives On: Boots and Sweaters

  1. Somehow, I always seem to wind up with brown boots. Back when Color Me Beautiful, I was pegged as an Autumn, and I go for browns a lot. But this winter, I must find black boots. . . .


  2. I managed to make it through the summer without buying any new clothes since I have plenty of shorts, T’s and flip-flops. I have a feeling, though, that I won’t be able to resist the siren call of the beautiful sweaters I’ve seen in the catalogs. I love the look of sweaters, scarves, boots, and either skinny jeans or leggings. So comfortable and so stylish.

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  3. Yaaas! Boots and sweaters are the way forward. London is freezing at this time of year. The only upside to the bitter autumn/winter is wearing chunky oversized turtleneck sweaters with black tights and thigh high boots.

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