Perspectives On…Advice to Myself

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.


A conversation overheard at Starbucks in mid-November, 2014:

Mrs. Terri: “Wow, Miss Terri, it is so great to see you again. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since ‘we’ last saw each other.”

Miss Terri: (smiles) “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that much time has gone by. You look really good, ‘we’ haven’t aged a bit! No gray hair!”

Mrs. Terri: “A lot has changed. The main thing in ‘our’ life that was potentially hair-graying will be gone in 2008.”

Miss Terri: “Really? You mean you dumped RV??”

Mrs. Terri: “Yes, but not soon enough. Don’t despair and use it to your advantage; it gets better and you will realize that he wasn’t needed in ‘our’ life.”

Miss Terri: “That’s good to know, I’m tired of the drama. But on a happy note, it sure is fun watching Lee-Lee play volleyball.”

Mrs. Terri: (Sipping coffee) “I do really miss that. ‘We’ spent so many wonderful years watching her play sports. Just wait until she gets recruited to play volleyball for CC College and plays there for two years; you will be totally amazed at her athletic prowess!”

Miss Terri: “Yes, this has taken up most of ‘our’ leisure time, going to games, but ‘we’ wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Mrs. Terri: “Good, because ‘our’ leisure time will change exponentially in 5 years, to a level ‘we’ cannot even comprehend at this point in time.”

Miss Terri: (eyes wide) “Oh really? Well, I see some physical evidence of something wonderful to come on the ring finger of ‘our’ left hand…”

Mrs. Terri:  “Uh, yes. (smiles, wiggles fingers) Who ‘we’ re-meet in 5 years by way of an Internet experience, something that will be called Facebook, will change ‘our’ life forever!” ‘We’ will not believe it and ‘we’ will be ridiculously happy! That event happens in nine years and ‘our’ daughters will walk us down the aisle of the same church.”

Miss Terri: (sighs with relief) “I can’t even imagine.”

Mrs. Terri: “Not only that, but ‘we’ learn a sport called windsurfing and will camp at the delta near the beach most summer weekends.”

Miss Terri: “You’ve got to be kidding me! It sounds like the life ‘we’ have been dreaming of!”

Mrs. Terri: (leans closer) “Get this…’we’ will get a passport and fly by ‘ourself’ to Guadalajara Mexico on ‘our’ way to La Ventana for a windsurfing resort experience, where ‘we’ will try stand-up paddle boarding for the first time.”

Miss Terri: (sits back against the chair exhaling) “That’s incredible…really??”

Mrs. Terri: “‘Our’ professional life, yes, still with the City, changes in many ways. The best change is the opportunity to use ‘our’ skills in presenting at conferences. ‘We’ will get to fly and travel to places ‘we’ never thought ‘we’d’ go. Then in three years, ‘we’ will start the graduate program at Sac State, where ‘we’ write a masters thesis, then become a part-time lecturer, teaching part-time.”

Miss Terri: (dabbing her eyes) “‘Our dream come true.”

Mrs. Terri: (stands up) “It’s all true Miss Terri. ‘We are in store for a wonderful life–‘we’ are very blessed. Hang in there and enjoy every moment no matter what.” (Hugs themselves tightly)
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7 thoughts on “Perspectives On…Advice to Myself

  1. This is sooooo sweet, Terri. I saw the prompt but life and times and other work kept me from participating. But then, I’m celebrating my tenth wedding anniversary this week, and I guess I’d say to my ten-years-ago self, you’ve made the right decision and you’re happier than you ever thought possible.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to post the short form of that conversation!


  2. This post was uplifting as well as fun: as Doug said, you handled the dialogue well, and it was cool to anticipate the coming changes from the perspective of your 10-years-younger self.

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