Photography 101: More Autumn Leaves

I can’t really explain why I am so obsessed with Autumn. I love the colors of the trees–the yellows, golds, reds and browns against the few remaining greens. After a long hot summer, Autumn brings cooler temperatures, shorter days and the promise of a crackling fire in the fireplace. Autumn also ushers in the holiday season. Being born and raised in San Diego where Autumn briefly visits in mid-December in the few deciduous trees that lose their leaves, perhaps I missed the colors and weather changes I now experience in Northern California. Leaves on the ground This is an older photo I took with a digital camera. While looking for typical shots of trees, I saw the ground covered with leaves and simply took the picture.

Autumn Haiku

Autumn’s in the air

Leaves now fallen to the ground

Clustered now in peace.

14 thoughts on “Photography 101: More Autumn Leaves

  1. I come from Greece, so no fallen leaves there…but now I live in Boston and boy did I got advantage of the fall foliage! My instagram is filled with fallen leaves and colorful trees!!


      1. oh yes, now that it’s windy, all leaves all fallen down…and gathered into heaps! I’ve heard that New England has really nice fall foliage…I can agree, but then I don’t have anything to compare with!!

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