Perspectives On…Weight Loss After 50


I have lost SEVEN pounds!

Most Americans struggle with their weight–as in too much of it. I have been one of those women who always needed to lose 10-15 pounds. In my younger days, I could eat nothing for two days and lose 5 pounds. Long gone are those days, as if I only had 5 pounds to lose!

Weight gain isn’t always about the scale or the measuring tape–the quantitative measurements are just numbers, after all. But, I do know when my clothes start fitting tightly that something is going on–and that is the qualitative measurement. This is when I sneak up on the scales naked and try to lightly step on them (as if gravity means nothing). Alas, the quantitative measurement just caught up with the qualitative! But, now, the jeans that were tight on me last winter fit loosely!

So, seven pounds…it has only taken 9 WEEKS! Are you kidding me? I only eat 1000 calories a day on this diet. Yes, yes, I have one (or half of a) cheat day, usually on Saturday. Last week, the cheat day was on Halloween because…it was Halloween and we went to a party where there was food. And there was all this leftover chocolate candy that I tried to foist off on the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, had there been any. Oddly though, I managed to lose a pound this week even after sneaking some candy here and there. I say “sneaking” as if my body doesn’t know what I’m doing and therefore the calories don’t count. Nice try.

As I continue my weight rant, just know that I work out 5 days a week. As in getting up at 6:15am 3 days a week and going to my gym where I do my 20 minutes of cardio, abs and 10 minutes of TRX (suspension training). I am a lean, muscled machine….under a layer of flab! The other two-three days are walking/jogging with my dogs. All last summer I trained in this same regimen and added two days of windsurfing and SUPing on weekends and still did not lose an ounce.

This may be TMI for some of you, but I just finished my hormone therapy using estrogen and progesterone. If you want to gain weight at any age, add estrogen to your diet. Literally–I mean literally, every time regardless of my age, when I have had to take estrogen, I (yes, literally!) gained 12 pounds in two weeks. Seriously! For me that is a whole size. I weaned off the HRT in September and have successfully started losing weight.

For me stress plays a big part in weight gain. A year ago when my boss announced his retirement for this past July, I was filled with stress. The stress of uncertainty: would I be the one to replace him? What if I apply and get passed over again? What if? What if? My stress caused my adrenals to pump out more adrenaline and cortisol, (the fight or flight hormones that keeps us alive) but when adrenaline has no where to go, the cortisol kicks in and creates conditions for weight gain, especially around the waist.

Through all my years of yo-yo weight gain/loss, I am learning to be kind to myself. Yes I will continue to watch my weight (hopefully go down), because I want to remain healthy. Being overweight causes a multitude of health problems, and I don’t mind being on a diet and exercise regimen. This weekend, we are planning to stay with friends in Lake Tahoe, and my friend already has plans for yoga, hiking, a visit to the swimming pool and possibly a stand-up paddle session (with full wet suit). If I can do all that then I will enjoy that adult beverage. Cuz I’m being kind to myself!

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  2. I also know about weight loss getting harder with age. When I was in my 20s, the pounds would melt off if I just stopped eating bread. But now, I have to really watch my diet and exercise my butt of just to lose a couple of pounds. It can be really frustrating, but I focus on the qualitative measures, like you mention. If my jeans feel tighter, it’s time for some hard work!

    Greetings from the Blogger’s Pit Stop! I will be sharing this on Twitter.

    -Fabi at Wonder Fabi

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  3. I was also worried about what my weight might do once I retired. After all, the refrigerator is right there in the kitchen… so easy to access. Yikes!

    If you are still struggling, I have a suggestion which works for me. I saw a program on PBS called “Eat, Fast, and Live Longer” (you can probably Google it) and realized that the way of eating presented works well with my personality… I’m kind of an all or nothing type. I lost the weight I needed to (nice and slow) and have kept it off ever since.

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  4. Way to go! After losing over 60 pounds over the past several years since retiring, I’m is the best shape I’ve been in a long time. I think the job stress was probably part of the weight gain (and maybe even diabetes), but diet and exercise and less stress now makes a huge difference in retirement.


  5. My weight has yoyo’d all through my life too, although always within the healthy-overweight range. I was borderline obese both times I fell pregnant – and then stayed exactly the same weight until the babies were born! They just sucked all that excess fat off me. It was great! While everyone else was complaining about shedding their baby fat I was bouncing around being the slimmest I’d ever been. 😀

    I wish I could harness that weight-loss power without having to actually have a baby…

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