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Did you know that today (November 5th) is International Volunteer Managers’ Day? This is a shout-out to all the dedicated people who work as leaders, managers or coordinators, who spend hours recruiting, hiring, training and working with volunteers. In the parks and recreation industry, as well as the non-profit field, many programs would not exist at all if it were not for the volunteers who dedicate their unpaid time to deliver much needed services to people.

Volunteer management is hard work but extremely rewarding. Not only does one reap the rewards of being able to provide services and programs, but the benefits of mentoring and working with volunteers on a daily basis outweigh the perceived issues that go along with managing people.

Hats off to all volunteer managers around the world who have made this world a better place in which to live!

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  1. LifestyleswithLia

    Indeed!!! Hooray!! Thanks for sharing this.. I didn’t know about November 5th but volunteer managers and coordinators should be lauded as should all volunteers!

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