Perspectives On…Blavatars

Photo credit to Meiry Hayes

Heh? What is a blavatar? It’s basically a logo for my wordpress blog. I chose the above image of my beloved dog, Aero. He is four years old, a wonderful and faithful companion, and rides with me on my stand-up paddle board. He is a little guy, about 14 pounds, with a staccato bark that will curl your hair! Aero is a mix of cocker spaniel and some sort of terrier (the blond wheaten terrier is his brother, Gideon!). He is a beautiful chocolate brown with ears and tail sunkissed with caramel-colored highlights. Aero and Gideon love going to the delta and running on the beach. I think Aero makes a very good blavatar 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Perspectives On…Blavatars

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