Perspectives On…Procrastination and Preparation

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As mere humans, we are easily distracted, even the best of us—the most organized or those with great intentions. But, yes, in the end, we procrastinate. “Not me!” you say? Well, it IS possible that you may have thought twice about writing that latest blog.

A fellow blogger posted about how her husband procrastinates, which drives her crazy, read Apparently Anna. My household runs in a similar pattern: woman/wife is organized and proactive, while man/hubbie is spontaneous and NOT time-oriented.

Back in the day, planning and preparation came with the territory in my life as a single, working mom of two pre-teen daughters. Yes, my faith in God held me together, but He gave me the feet and hands to go get it done.

I like to think that I am immune to procrastination, but when it comes to writing my blog, I have become the “procrastination princess,” easily letting myself get distracted by STUFF! In my defense, I am still working at my full-time job, while teaching TWO night classes at the nearby university. So I have made my excuses and tell myself, “I can’t post anything today, I have papers to grade” which is true, but still. I’m just lucky that I can keep up with Blogging 101 (about 98% of the time).

Similarly, in the theme of preparation, The Daily Post posed this question (Big Day Ahead): “How do you calm your nerves in preparation on the night before an important event?” This is where I become “preparation princess!” As a detail-oriented, type-A, Gold-temperament personality, I start putting everything on my calendar immediately, make lists and get going. I remember, in particular, when I was attending grad school, starting those pesky 20-page research papers the second week of class. It would take me weeks to research and write. Of course I was in my mid-40s after being out of college for 25 years, and impressed that I could download journals in pdf format at midnight, rather than have to go to the library and dig through the stacks. (Some of you mature writers know what this is like). Invariably during class, a week before the paper was due, a grad student half my age would declare, “oh, I’m starting that paper tomorrow” (eeerrrgh).

Since I am completion-oriented, I can’t wait to check things off the list. In fact, a “new” word has made it into my vocabulary: “Pre-crastinate.” More Magazine (, September 2014) states, “…a verb…to jump into a task without thinking it through, simply to cross it off a list (from an actual study, but we wrote this before we finished reading it).” Luckily I procrastinated on writing this blog so that I could discover this very important word. I have fallen into this side of the ’crastination continuum at work, but it is effective.

So when it comes to calming my nerves before an important event, I am usually confident that the prep-work is completed to my satisfaction and the execution of the event is just the final stop on the road to the checklist. As the Nike logo says, “Just Do It.”

7 thoughts on “Perspectives On…Procrastination and Preparation

  1. Great perspective. I think I have selective procrastination. It’s weird how this whole blogging experience has really opened me up to wanting to be a writer and hopefully author my own book one day. I was that student that would start that 20 page paper a week before it was due. As much as I thought I didn’t like to write, somehow I pulled it off. Maybe that’s what this whole writing thing is about. Enjoyed your terms. Haha pre-crastinate…That’s new.


  2. Nice post. The only suggestion I have is to use the “insert link” feature when writing you draft. You can then highlight a blog name of word and link it to the web address instead of typing the web address into your post. Then readers can just click on the word or name which will be automatically underlined and link with the other person’s post.


      1. I know exactly what you mean but it is really easy. And I am fond of saying I am technologically impaired. There is a bar at the top of the word press draft field that has different symbols like ABC which is for spell check. Then are a couple of chain looking symbols. If you have a word or phrase of name you want to link to you highlight it with your mouse and then click on the chain symbol. It will open a box and you type the web address for your link in there and then the name in the second space and check open in other window. It will then be a live link.


  3. Chris Jurewicz

    I’m definitely distracted easily. I like to post blogs as much as possible but it’s tough to post every day! Good on you for pretty much following all of Blogging 101. I completed some tasks but certainly not all!


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