Blogging 101: Perspective On…Reading Others’ Blogs

101I started my wordpress blog a couple of years ago and it focused on professional development highlighting my research on the Four Generations. If you are interested in that topic, the blogs are in the archives.

Blogging 101 was exactly what I needed to not only change my blog’s focus, but to engage with others and read their blogs. With my original blog’s limited focus, it was difficult to write regularly (like writing my master’s thesis all over again!).

My fellow bloggers that I am following (and hope to follow and vice-versa), you are all so interesting and have so much to share. @MichaelW posted earlier asking if anyone is having trouble keeping up with all these new blogs…a resounding YES!…BUT, reading these blogs is fascinating and very good for all of our writing skills.

I am having a blast even if it is just to write a few lines. Happy blogging!

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Perspective On…Reading Others’ Blogs

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  2. Hi I am Jackie and I love doing the COMMONS assignments and today is day 3-we introduce ourselves to other fellow bloggers…I went to scroll down to five of the blogroll links and zero were related to this. So I am Jackie I have a blog, love to read and do book reviews. Stop by me 🙂 I will add you to my blog roll too.


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