Blogging 101: Why Am I Here?


Thanks to for offering this series of blogging challenges.

I started blogging because I have a lot of information to share about work, life, and leisure. My blogs have been about professional development and I have been relatively consistent… until the summer hit!

Summer-times are spent overseeing a large public aquatics program in California (2nd largest in the state). When I’m not ridiculously busy, my weekends are spent in the Sacramento delta windsurfing and SUPing! Blogging about professional development is the last thing I want to do!

After 29 years with this organization, I am about to retire. My second act will be about helping people find their leisure-life balance. I will continue to teach part-time at Sacramento State University in the Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration department.

I want to be motivated to blog more often and eventually build my consultant business. So here I am ready to blog away!

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