Calling on All Women to Lead

If you ever doubted your ability to be a leader, read this.

Women Achieving Goals

If not now, when? “Calling on All Women to Lead” was the topic I presented this week at the Women of Success Conference of the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  Women are natural leaders.  Some of us feel leadership in us and others grow into being a leader.  Personally I was born bossy, take charge and expecting my siblings to follow.  When our stove caught on fire I immediately gathered my siblings and told them to follow me out the back door while our parents dealt with the fire.  They followed without question. I realized then I was a leader because I was not the oldest.  Since that time I am forever learning how to be an effective leader with many successes as well as failures along the way.

Leading like a man does not work.  Leading in ways that are not consistent with feminine values does not work.  I tried both and failed…

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