We all need to do a lot more leaning in

This book and the concept of leadership is relevant to women AND men!

Millennial Banter

I hope you’ve all read Sheryl Sandberg’s book ‘Lean In’. If you have not, go to Amazon, order it and read it right now; and I mean ALL of you. The book is not only for women. If you are a man, but manage or work with women, or would like to support your wife/girlfriend or daughter in their careers – you have to read it too. You can also watch her amazing TED talk on ‘Why we have too few women leaders?’.

Straight after I read the book back in April last year, I handed it over to my boyfriend and ask him to read it. He was confused… ‘why should I read it?’. My answer was ‘because you run a business and employ women, you need to understand how they think and work’. So he read it and soon after he put it on the ‘suggested reading…

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