True Colors of Star Trek Cast (2013)

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I recently watched the newest Star Trek movie and instantly noticed how many of the main characters showed their True Colors with their particular personality types.

The leader of this multi-dimensional team is Captain James T. Kirk. His leadership style shows that he is highly innovative, creative and unique. As the Captain in an interstellar crisis, Kirk is adaptive and resourceful, but sometimes highly disorganized. Can you guess?

He is ORANGE! As the Captain of the Starship Enterprise, he surrounds himself with a competent team. He responds best to people who encourage his unique viewpoints and insights, help him maintain harmony, and who want to play and explore (the universe). Kirk does not respond well when he is overwhelmed with details.

As an Orange personality, Captain Kirk’s primary goal is having the freedom to see possibilities, make connections, and be with a variety of people. Of course the reward is having spontaneous adventures!

Science Officer Spock, half Vulcan and half human, demonstrates the GOLD personality with his penchants for logic, honesty and realism. Oftentimes, Spock must temper his impatience with his slightly disorganized Captain by being detailed and cautious, but not necessarily quiet. Others find Spock reliable and count on him being there in times of need. Spock has shown to be a loyal and responsible friend and would rarely break any rules.

When Spock created the Kobyashi Maru scenario during Starfleet Academy, at which Kirk cheated to win, Spock’s eyebrow stayed arched for months! The Vulcan side of Spock is very unemotional which suggests some Green color in that bloodstream, as noted by his very different colleague, Dr. Leonard McCoy.

Bones, as Kirk calls him, is BLUE through and through, with quite a bit of Gold. Highly emotional and constantly at odds with Spock, Dr. McCoy is uncompromising about his personal standards and is easily offended, especially when he does not feel appreciated or when people violate his personal space.

As the ship’s doctor, his primary goal is helping people in tangible, practical ways. He is generally concerned about others and works hard to be of service. His reward is to be appreciated and relied upon, as well as to be respected, particularly in regards to his ethics and values.

To round out the color diversity, Ensign Pavel Chekov demonstrates why he is the GREEN personality type. As the “boy genius”, he can be quiet and he’s usually found staying to himself with his nose in a data pad rather than initiating social interactions. Dealing with the psychology of people is something that escapes him, and he often speaks thoughtlessly with no concern for how the words might affect others.

Chekov is thorough and meticulous to the point of near obsession in every task he takes on. Whether it is learning new information from library files, entering his shift reports, or training in physical combat, Chekov has to do everything to perfection.

Captain Kirk often jokes that the boy is a walking encyclopedia with a severe case of OCD, while Dr. McCoy believes he might have a hypospray that can cure him of that, and Commander Spock just kind of stares with a blank expression save for that slightly lifted eyebrow.

This analysis demonstrated how important it is to have members of all colors on your team, whether at your office or on the bridge of your starship!

As Spock would say, “Fascinating!”

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    1. Terri Webster Schrandt

      Thanks for the comment and for reading! True Colors is a personality temperament assessment tool similar to Myers-Briggs and Keirsey. I’m a True colors trainer and I find it fascinating (like Spock, LOL) to read personalities through the True Colors lens.


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