Gold Standard


Last in this introductory series, but certainly not least, is the Gold personality type. Who invented the gold standard? Probably a structured, detail-oriented Gold! If it wasn’t invented by a Gold, you can be sure that Golds followed its rules and standards to the letter. Golds tend to value processes more than people, but end up making good supervisors of employees. People with the Gold personality type were also the epitome of Boy and Girl Scouts, whose mottos of loyalty, tradition, hard work, honor and security are also characteristics of Gold. Golds will set high standards for themselves and for others, which can be annoying to the other colors.

At work, Golds are punctual, love deadlines, handle logistics and make lists of all the details of a project. They are the ones who nag their employees and even superiors to get things done on time (or suffer the consequences!). People with Gold personalities possibly invented workaholism, desiring to get everything done and off their checklist before they go home or out to enjoy some leisure time. It is likely that a Gold created the organizational chart showing hierarchies of authority, which leaves no doubt about who is charge. Ambiguity is not the Gold’s friend! Constantly and consistently time-oriented, a true Gold will always be surrounded by indicators of time and instinctively know what time it is even without a timepiece nearby. Yes, Gold provides the “standard” and is the backbone of every organization.

Of course, just like every other color temperament, Golds have a negative side. Their rigidity and “follow the rules” approach at any cost can leave them overwhelmed, stressed and overworked. The other colors rely on Golds to get it done and get it done right. This may prevent Golds from taking a true vacation and enjoying life. Even when a Gold goes on vacation, you can be sure everything is planned in detail. A Gold may be exhausted from planning and executing the vacation, then when back to work, may become overwhelmed trying to catch up! Simple recognition in the form of a positive comment or a pat on the back to a stressed-out Gold will go a long way to helping them cope and get through the day.

Golds need the other colors…Blues help Gold understand their own feelings; Oranges encourage much-needed spontaneity in Gold’s lives; while Greens help Golds see the “forest through trees.” While Gold is trying to make everything go smoothly and seamlessly, keep on the watch for burnout. The infrastructures of every society in the world would not exist today without our “Gold standard.”

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